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Unsettled 6month old

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Unsettled 6month old

Postby Louie on 02 Aug 2004, 11:28

Hi all,
My 6 month old has suddenly become very unsettled. I'm thinking that it's her teeth?? Last night it took us till 9.45pm to get her to sleep then she woke every 2hours. Up at 5.30am screaming (very unusual for her). Back to bed at 8.30amfor only 40mins where as normally she sleeps for up to two hours.
Could it be her teeth?? Any help with this would be great.

Also does anyone have any info on whenbabies last meal should be given if baby normally goes to bed at 6.30pm?
Many thanks in advance.

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Postby emily'smum on 02 Aug 2004, 19:02

If you think it is teeth but don't want to use teething gel without being sure, try rubbing her gums with your finger fairly firmly and see if it soothes her. This is helpful when Emily is teething to know that is what she is crying about. Also red cheeks, rubbing at ears and being more clingy in the day time are other signs Emily shows.

If you rule out teething, it could be wind/colic because the constant screaming sounds similar to Emily's way of telling us she has a sore tummy. Emily had colic from an early age (5 months) which was worst at night but we settled her with a routine of bath after her evening feed and sleeping her on my tummy for a few hours on really bad nights. She still is in the same night routine and we rarely have trouble getting her to sleep unless she is unwell. She still gets wind/colic and will scream and be generally grizzly especially during the day after a bottle feed (which just so happen to coincide with her naps) and tends to cry in her sleep after her night (4:30am) feed. I use Avent bottles which eased her wind/colic up to about 9 months but don't seem to work as well now probably because she is eating and drinks a lot of water from cups.

From what I have read, last solid food should be served 2-2 1/2 hours before bed. Emily seems happy with dinner at 5ish, bath and plays with grandparents until eyes nearly shut at 7. So I would suggest bub's last meal should be about 4:30 or 5. Emily only has light dinner (yoghurt, fruit) and goes to sleep with a bottle.

Hope some of this helps. It is the first time I have replied to anything and I feel as though I have rambled on a bit.

Good Luck
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Postby Ali on 05 Aug 2004, 09:25

It's definately the right time for teething. Have you tried nurofen for children? I found this helped relieve the discomfort of teething for my son. Also around 6 months my son started waking every couple of hours and I used to go in and breastfeed him back to sleep - big mistake! Tiring for everyone! I ended up doing the controlled crying technique which took about 4 nights and he's slept through ever since!
My son goes to bed at night around 6.30 and I give him his solids between 5/5.30 and a bottle just before bed. Good luck!
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unsettled and controlled crying

Postby Louie on 11 Aug 2004, 19:14

Thanks for the replies, all the information is useful. We took Ellie (our daughter) to the Paediatrician today for a routine 6month check.
He agreed with me that after 3 weeks of sudden waking it cant always be her teeth. He also suggested that we should try controlled crying...
I did ask about admittance to Torrens House but apparently it's a 6week wait!! I'm not sure how to tackle controlled crying so will need to do some research and be strong in my approach!
Thanks again.
Louise and Ellie.
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Postby bluey on 12 Aug 2004, 06:41

Lots of little ones, start to get unsettled around this age. Have you gone and read some of Sheyne's positive routine management strategies in this age group. Our little man slept beautifully until a major tummy upset at around 6 1/2 months. And to settle him I breastfeed him to sleep. After a few months of sleepless night, we contacted Sheyne. We have just seen Sheyne this week and he sleeping improved dramatically straight away.

He has his dinner at around 5.15, bath at 6 ish and then breastfeed at 6.30 and bed at 7.00.
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Postby Speech Mum on 13 Aug 2004, 12:19

Its so comforting to know that we are all in the same boat. Our 7 mth old son was also a fab sleeper and deteriorated around 6 mths and its been 4 - 8 resettles each night (at least we are blessed that he does so in 5 mins tops, with dummy and no need for breastfeed - I don't think I could handle resettling for hours in the middle of the night)

Re: your bub... I agree that last solids should occur at least 2 hrs before being put down, and I tend to make that meal lightish (vegies or fruit only - no meats). Then the last bottle / breastfeed at about 1/2 hr pre-bedtime to allow plenty of upright time to get any wind out.

I thought teething sounded like a reasonable cause, and I'd hate to gainsay the paediatrician, but I know teething can go on for weeks and weeks before they actually come thru. My friends bub has had all the signs of teething (drool, grizzly, red cheecks etc) for 3 months now and the teeth appear (just white lumps under gums) and then retreat back again. Then a week later, come forward, then go back.

Kids are weird. Hope things improve for you soon

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unsettled 7month old!

Postby Louie on 25 Aug 2004, 11:36

Hi, I've just looked back on my original mail which was 1 month ago! Things haven't improved really, we've had a couple of better nights but still not the same as it used to be.
Ellie has gone from almost sleeping through most nights to suddenly overnight waking and being sometimes impossible to resettle.
I've read some of Sheynes notes and we do have a very strict daytime routine and have cues at sleeping time - the same words used each time 'time for sleep'. Very weird and has us baffled each night.
I'm attending the CYS day service on Friday but to be honest I'm not sure how that will help because her day sleeps are fantastic, 2 good sleeps a day. Ellie has no problems putting herself to sleep at anytime initially just resettling at night. We are procrastinating over starting controlled crying but we need to do something soon as we are becoming more tired and rundown, it's hard to accept when we know she was once a very good sleeper and is such a happy lovely girl during the day.
Her routine is:
6am - breast feed
7am - weetbix
8am - sleep for up to 1.5 - 2hours
10/10.30 - play maybe some fruit
11.30-12pm - lunch - protein and veggies followed by fruit or yoghurt
12.-1pmish - play
1pm - sleep for 1.130hr
2.2.30 - breastfeed
2.30 - 4.45.5pm - play/walks/tummytime/jollyjumper etc...
4.4-5pm dinner - vegies followed by custard or yoghurt
5.15 - nudie playtime
5.30-5.45 - bathtime lots of kicking
6pm relaxing with dummy
6.15-6.30 bottle
6.45 - bedtime

Does that sound fairly normal... I guess I'm constantly looking for answers. I'll do some more reading of Sheynes website to see if there are anymore hints.

Thanks guys.
louise and ellie :D
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Postby bluey on 25 Aug 2004, 15:41

I'm sorry can't help with this one. I have seen Sheyne and she has helped amazingly with William. Perhaps you could contact her for a consult. We have no trouble with William at night, he is sleeping really well. The daytimes are pretty good too, with an occassional hiccup. Are you still swaddling Ellie?
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Postby jodie on 25 Aug 2004, 21:31

I also had some trouble with night time unsettledness when my son was around 6 months - even after sleeping thru really well until then. I knew that something had to be waking him up and after a lot of trying different things, I found that he was actually getting too warm at night. For some reason when he got to that age he seemed to be able to keep himself warm a little better.

Some nights I would be up between 5 or 6 times to resettle him, and initially I used to think it was because he was cold - this also coincided with the onset of winter in Melbourne! But after speaking to some friends, I found out that sometimes infants can feel cold (head, neck and tummy) to the touch, but that is because they have actually "turned off" their internal thermostat because they have gotten too warm.

Now at almost 10 months even on a reasonably cold night here, Harrison will sleep in a singlet, cotton jumpsuit, muslin wrap just around his arms, sheet and one cotton weave blanket. When he has just that he will sleep through very soundly - much more than that and he will be grizzly every 1.5 - 2 hours. Until 6 months he used to be have a sleeping bag and blanket, as well as his jumpsuit & singlet.

This might not be the case with your daughter, but thought it would be worth a mention, as it might be worth a try.

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